Friday, May 30, 2008

Evening Opening Service at Karitos Conference

Evening opening service at Karitos conference, 08/02/07 at Living Waters Church in Bolingbrook.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Workshop List (Preliminary)

Preliminary Workshop List


• Discovering YOUR Dance
• Using Props to Enlarge Your Territory
• Dance and Creative Movement as Intercession
• Sculpting a Dance
• The Spontaneous Movement Team
• Modern Dance
• Beginner Ballet
• Advanced Ballet/Praise Class
• Urban Praise
• Urban Praise & Beyond
• Steppin
• Processional Rehearsal
• Choreography Clinic
• Dancing for an Audience of One
• Taking Your Worship to a New Level

Vocal Performance

• “How to Use Your Voice!” Pts I & II
• A New Song: Improvisation in Worship Pts I & II
• "Healthy Vocal Habits”
• Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy, Orthopathos: Theology, Practice and Caring in Worship

Literary Arts

• Fiction 101—Getting Started for the Beginning Novelist
• Creating Characters—Giving Story People Life
• Creating Characters II—Giving Story People Life
• Creating Characters III (CCIII)—Emotional Architecture: How Stories Rise From Average to Art
• Creating Characters IV--Sidekicks—Effectively Populating the Fictive World
• Creating Characters V--Creating The Story Environment—Social Codes and Eroding Landscapes
• Creating Characters VI--Writing Successful Dialogue
• Writing True--Beliefs and Faith in Today’s Fiction
• Panel Discussion, Publishing, Writing Trends, Q&A
• Nurturing The Artistic Soul
• The Drive And Determination To Be A Writer
• Marketing and Promotions for Authors
• Character Development
• Writing Your Story, Telling His
• Discovering Your Writer’s Voice

Theater Arts

• Intro to Stage Management
• Intro to Set Design
• Props 101
• Nuts & Bolts of Costuming, Pt I & II
• Making Something Out of Nothing
•The Sunday Morning Sketch
• Brief History of Costume
• Drama in Worship
• Bringing the Scriptures to Life on Stage
• Acting 101: The Fundamentals
• Character Development
• Stand-Up Comedy
• Panel Sessions

Visual Arts

• Strengthening Your Creative Skills
• Basic Chalk Drawing
• Critiques
• The Creative Art of Business

The Music Business

• Don’t Get Taken, Take Control, Pt. I, II & III
• The Blapop Records Story
• Marketing & Promotions: What It Is, Why You Need It!
• Graphics: What Are They & What Do I Need to know?
• The Music of the Revolution


• Postmodern Worship
• Prophetic Worship
• Words That Awaken
• Prophetic Song (Practical Application)
• Where on Earth is God?
• Worship Leading
• David’s Worship Team: Our Life and Ministry Application
• Worshiping Warriors
• Fragrance of the King
• Releasing Your Church’s Individual Sound
• Creating an Artistically Integrated Worship Service
• Your Church: A House of Prayer or a House of Pride?
• Administrating Your Gift, Maximizing Your Effectiveness

Monday, May 12, 2008

Conference Highlights Importance of the Arts in Today’s Church

Conference Highlights Importance of the Arts in Today’s Church

Long ignored by many church leaders, the arts are now playing a key role in growing churches across the country. A Chicago conference that has been equipping Christians for ministry through the arts is extending an invitation to Senior Pastors to be their guests and learn more about this powerful form of ministry.

The 14th edition of the Karitos Christian Arts Conference will be held July 31-August 2 at Living Water Community Church in Bolingbrook, IL. With nearly 100 workshops covering all areas of the arts, general sessions each afternoon offering challenging messages by nationally-recognized speakers, and evening celebrations featuring extravagant worship and exciting performances, pastors have a unique opportunity to see the beauty and power of the arts when used to glorify God.

Speakers at this years conference include: Bob Sorge, whose book, Exploring Worship, is considered by many to be the finest ever written on today’s worship, visual artist and sculptor Richard Hight, and actor Alan Atwood. Other teachers include Tony Payne, Dean of the Music Conservatory at Wheaton College, Theo Williams, Director of Mimeistry International in Pasadena, CA, and New Zealand native Vivien Hibbert, Director of the Worship Conservatory, a web-based training school for music ministers.

Many churches have used Karitos both as a resource when looking for a guest artist and as a place to send their own people for training. The conference site, Living Water Church, designed with the arts in mind, might be of interest to pastors considering building a new church.

More information on Karitos 2008 is available on their website,, or by contacting Bob Hay @ (847) 749-1284 or bob (at)
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