Monday, May 26, 2008

Workshop List (Preliminary)

Preliminary Workshop List


• Discovering YOUR Dance
• Using Props to Enlarge Your Territory
• Dance and Creative Movement as Intercession
• Sculpting a Dance
• The Spontaneous Movement Team
• Modern Dance
• Beginner Ballet
• Advanced Ballet/Praise Class
• Urban Praise
• Urban Praise & Beyond
• Steppin
• Processional Rehearsal
• Choreography Clinic
• Dancing for an Audience of One
• Taking Your Worship to a New Level

Vocal Performance

• “How to Use Your Voice!” Pts I & II
• A New Song: Improvisation in Worship Pts I & II
• "Healthy Vocal Habits”
• Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy, Orthopathos: Theology, Practice and Caring in Worship

Literary Arts

• Fiction 101—Getting Started for the Beginning Novelist
• Creating Characters—Giving Story People Life
• Creating Characters II—Giving Story People Life
• Creating Characters III (CCIII)—Emotional Architecture: How Stories Rise From Average to Art
• Creating Characters IV--Sidekicks—Effectively Populating the Fictive World
• Creating Characters V--Creating The Story Environment—Social Codes and Eroding Landscapes
• Creating Characters VI--Writing Successful Dialogue
• Writing True--Beliefs and Faith in Today’s Fiction
• Panel Discussion, Publishing, Writing Trends, Q&A
• Nurturing The Artistic Soul
• The Drive And Determination To Be A Writer
• Marketing and Promotions for Authors
• Character Development
• Writing Your Story, Telling His
• Discovering Your Writer’s Voice

Theater Arts

• Intro to Stage Management
• Intro to Set Design
• Props 101
• Nuts & Bolts of Costuming, Pt I & II
• Making Something Out of Nothing
•The Sunday Morning Sketch
• Brief History of Costume
• Drama in Worship
• Bringing the Scriptures to Life on Stage
• Acting 101: The Fundamentals
• Character Development
• Stand-Up Comedy
• Panel Sessions

Visual Arts

• Strengthening Your Creative Skills
• Basic Chalk Drawing
• Critiques
• The Creative Art of Business

The Music Business

• Don’t Get Taken, Take Control, Pt. I, II & III
• The Blapop Records Story
• Marketing & Promotions: What It Is, Why You Need It!
• Graphics: What Are They & What Do I Need to know?
• The Music of the Revolution


• Postmodern Worship
• Prophetic Worship
• Words That Awaken
• Prophetic Song (Practical Application)
• Where on Earth is God?
• Worship Leading
• David’s Worship Team: Our Life and Ministry Application
• Worshiping Warriors
• Fragrance of the King
• Releasing Your Church’s Individual Sound
• Creating an Artistically Integrated Worship Service
• Your Church: A House of Prayer or a House of Pride?
• Administrating Your Gift, Maximizing Your Effectiveness

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