Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How Do You Bring Your Art Out of Hiding?

Hiding good things under a basket?

  1. Do you show your work in a gallery?
  2. Submit it to publishers?
  3. Self-publish it?
  4. Work with your church to lead a program?
  5. Train kids at VBS?
  6. Work with your community to promote the arts?
  7. Teach?

You tell me. Give me ideas.


Sue E. said...

Oh boy. I stand convicted. It's been a few years since I've submitted anything for publication except for entering a few writing contests. I also wrote at my job, which was for a good cause (I worked for a nonprofit.)
However, I am now unemployed and need to be more of a self-starter. Wish I had more confidence because I do feel called by God to write.

Tony said...

This begs the obvious question: if you are convicted, how will you respond? In other words, all true conviction has an action, or, if appropriate, an inaction.

For me, the answer was to join a writing critique group. There are plenty around. The one I connect with is part of Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. I attend one near Chicago. Plenty of room. Join us. (entirely unconnected to Karitos).

Another part of the answer was to write daily. No matter how poorly, that is my goal. Even if it is just a paragraph.

Diligence is a huge factor we often lack. Things don't just happen by wanting, but by doing.

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